What to bring

Please Note:
For your own comfort and safety you should bring some if not all of the suggested items. Safety is always first and you will want to be protected from the elements, and also protect your items from the elements as well.

Here is a basic list of suggestions for you to bring. Not only will your trip be more comfortable, but sometimes safer. We ask that you use common sense when deciding what to bring. Please leave the alcohol at home.



-Hat or Visor.

-Water or juices, beverages w/electrolytes. (no alcohol)

-Snacks. (energy bar, granola, fruit, nuts, etc.)

-Appropriate clothing that can get wet.

-Sandles, water shoes, or shoes that can get wet. (we prefer Keens)

-Waterproof cases, zip-lock bags, dry bags, or dry boxes etc.

-Cell Phone.

-Waterproof Camera, or a protected camera. (optional)

-Friend/Friends, Spouse, Family, a Date. (optional)

-Insect Repellent. (optional)

-A towel to keep in your car for afterward.

-A watch or cell phone that has a clock.

-Chapstick or another form of lip protection.

-A sense of humor.

-A sense of adventure. (required)

-Dog. (optional)

-Cat. (probably not, but it would be interesting to see how it panned out)