Here is a little info about us and how we got started.

  Before we acquired Pinky’s Kayak Rentals we worked at a local Nature Preserve.  We also volunteered with several nonprofit organizations like the Texas Master Naturalists, Bayou Preservation Association, Galveston Bay Foundation and volunteered our time at the Armand Bayou Nature Center among other places.  We enjoyed being outside near the water and working with nature.  We also kayaked a lot and took photos of the various wildlife on the bayous and throughout the area.  After learning about a small struggling kayak rental company, we decided to purchase the business and raise the quality and standard of recreational kayaking on the water in our area.  We wanted people to enjoy nature and also respect nature at the same time.  Our motto was “the more eyes we get on the bayou the more likely it will be preserved.”

  On March 4th, 2013 we acquired Pinky’s Kayak Rental.  At that time there were only a few kayaks.  We expanded our operation to include a variety of activities.  We introduced Stand Up Paddle Boards, Self Guided Kayak Tours, and Guided Kayak Tours. We added SUP events, SUP Yoga and SUP classes.  We also expanded our Kayak rentals to larger groups and companies looking for team-building events.  One of the things that we loved to do was give back to the community.  We donated our kayaks for bayou cleanups and various events for our Veterans and people who were in the military, and also helped raise money for the local Animal Shelter and people who needed it.   Over the course of several years, we expanded more and more and then Covid-19 came.

  So why aren’t we at the same location we had been leasing from since 2013?  Good question!  When the bars and restaurants were forced to operate at half or reduced capacity, we were told to vacate our location on the water so that the bars could use our location for expanded seating.  The owner of the property was straightforward and just told us to leave.  We had always paid our lease and never had any issues and even donated kayak trips, donations, and various other money-raising events throughout our time at that location to the property owners businesses, and employees.  We were told by the owner that they ended up with enough in PPP loans from the Government, that they were able to update, remodel some things, and expand their seating to the docks we were leasing.  We were left without a location to operate our business in the way that we had built it up to over the course of several memorable years.  After all was said and done we were, of course, shocked and had to either move forward or quit all together.  Well, we aren’t quitters.  We just don’t have the location that we enjoyed operating out of.  Now it’s time to move forward.

  So now we are mobile!  YAY!  We’re going back to our roots and starting in the bayous.  We will be doing 3 self-guided kayak tours a day on Armand Bayou and the connecting waterways.  We launch from Bay Area Park and can paddle into 5 different areas.  Our customers can launch from Bay Area Park and paddle around in Big Island Slough, Spring Gully, Armand Bayou, Horsepen Bayou, and Lake Mark Kramer.  We will still offer the same level of full service that we always have.

Here’s to our future, and another milestone for Pinky’s Kayak Rentals.