SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga Class

You have probably heard about Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboarding.  But have you heard about Paddleboard Yoga?

SUP Yoga ClassRate Per Session
SUP Included$30

Our SUP Yoga Class is for adults only (18 years old+).  At Pinky’s Kayak Rental, we believe that getting in touch with nature and yourself, is the key to a more happy and a fulfilling life.  We combine the elements of a passion for yoga and a love of stand up paddleboarding to bring you Get On Board Yoga.  Our SUP Yoga classes are designed to bring these two activities together.  You will move with the rhythm of the water, and find alignment and balance that is connected to the outdoors.  Our instructors have an extensive background in SUP Yoga Instruction, Health and Wellness, Sports Medicine, CPR and First Aid Training, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics, and all around great personalities.

SUP Yoga Class Rates and Prices:

Classes are $30 and are about an hour and thirty minutes in length.  No paddleboarding experience is necessary and the classes are open to all levels.  The cost of the class includes, instruction from a certified Yoga Paddleboard instructor, SUP rental, paddle, pfd (personal flotation device), and a complimentary water.  The weight limit on the paddleboards are 225 lbs.  Please see our other restrictions and guide lines here.

Reservations are required, and available spots will fill up quickly.

 Things that we will focus on in class:
  • Strengthen Paddleboard Skills
  • Stand up with confidence
  • Balance to utilize the board for Yoga
  • Body Position
  • Learn and practice specific poses
  • Strengthen your poses
  • Lengthen your poses
  • Balancing postures
  • Breathing techniques
  • Relaxation
  • A tan (no extra charge)

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