Self Guided Kayak Tours

Our current available Self-Guided Tours are the Nature Lovers, Bay Area Park, and Big Island Slough Tour.

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Check the pricing table for trip route availability!

Trip Name / TimeSingle / Tandem (2 person)
Nature Lovers Tour 3 hrs$52 / $62 Open
Bay Area Park 3 hrs$40 / $50 Open
Big Island Slough 3.5 hrs$45 / $55 Open
Horsepen Bayou 2.5 hrs$40 / $50 Closed
Horsepen Bayou UHCL 3 hrs$45 / $55 Closed
Spring Gulley 5/6 hrs$50 / $60 Closed

More details on each trip can be found below
Please keep in mind that you may not transport the kayaks yourself. We will transport you and the kayaks to one of our designated drop off locations. If you have a larger group of people than what we can transport with our vehicles, you will have to carpool to the drop off locations.  The only locations you may carpool to are Bay Area Park and Big Island Slough.  If you are doing the Nature Lovers Tour you will follow us to the location.  Our other locations do not have available parking.

Cut off times for Self Guided Tours are 2:00 pm.  You should make enough time to be back before we close at 6:00 pm.  All of our self-guided kayak tours will start at our office location at 4106 Nasa Parkway, to fill out paperwork.  This includes trips that are reserved online unless previously agreed upon by the management.  After paperwork is done and everything loaded up we will shuttle you and the kayaks to your drop off destination.  If you are doing the Nature Lovers Tour, you will follow us to the park.

Please stay on the path that you have chosen, and please keep within your estimated time frames.

$12 Pick Up Fee.
You will be charged an addition $12 fee per kayak if we have to come and pick you up on a route that is intended to finish at our docks. Please keep this in mind when determining which trip you want to take.

Maps and details for each individual trip can be seen below.  Or, if you already know what you want to do, you can make a reservation now.

We do not take reservations over the phone or through voicemail.  You must use our online reservation system.  Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance or more.

Self Guided Tours

Our Armand Bayou self guided kayaking tours consist of several options for you to get back to nature and relax.  We have several paths to choose from.  After choosing a path at our office location you will be taken to the drop off point, and then you will paddle your kayak back to Pinky’s Kayak Rentals docks.  If you have made a paid reservation for a specific paddling trail you will still meet us at our office location to fill out the appropriate paperwork before heading to your drop off location.  Each one of our paddling trails offers you a unique perspective into the nature that lives and surrounds the Armand Bayou area.  Our prices and estimated times are based on single or tandem (two) person kayaks at a relaxed pace with breaks along the way.  Kayaks all have a weight limit and must be adhered to.  Single kayaks have a weight capacity 350 pounds, and for a two person kayak there is a 380 pound capacity.  Please check our rules and restrictions before renting.

Nature Lovers Tour 4.82 miles or 7.76 kilometers

$52 for a single and $62 for a tandem.  (price includes the $12 pickup fee)

We call this trip the Nature Lovers tour.  One of the great things about this particular tour is that you don’t have to paddle all the way back to our docks and paddle on Clear Lake where there are sometimes boats.  This tour starts off with you following us to the boat launch at Bay Area Park.  You can paddle either direction on the Bayou and choose to paddle through Horsepen, Spring Gully, Big Island Slough, or just through the wider section of Armand Bayou.  We happen to prefer the Spring Gully area the most.  If you want to go through the Spring Gully section you will paddle north under the bridge at Bay Area and head up the left channel to about paddle marker 25 where you will turn around and head back to Bay Area Park.  This is a relaxing trip that allows you to spend a few hours in one of the most secluded sections of the bayou with the least influence from civilization.  The wildlife varies depending on the time of year and day but it is not uncommon to see Alligators, various water birds, and other interesting life.  After you return back to Bay Area Park you will call our office to be picked up.  Detailed instructions for each direction will be given along with a map so you can feel comfortable along your route.

Nature Lovers Kayaking Tour!

Nature Lovers Kayaking Tour!


Bay Area Park.  4.25 miles or 6.8 kilometers

$40 for a single and $50 for a two person/tandem kayak.

The next map is our Bay Area Park to Pinky’s Kayak Trip.  This trip is around 4.25 miles or 6.8 kilometers.  We recommend preparing for around a 3 hour journey.  This particular path sets you off from the Bay Area Park Boat launch.  You will launch from the park and set on your path south past the Armand Bayou Nature Center, then into mud lake.  When you cross under Clear Lake Bridge you will take a left and head towards Pinky’s Kayak Rentals.

Bay Area Park Trip

Bay Area Park Trip


Big Island Slough.  5.6 miles or 9 kilometers

$45 for a single and $55 for a two person/tandem kayak.

This next path is Big Island Slough to Pinky’s Kayak Rentals.  This trip is around 5.6 miles or 9 kilometers.  We recommend planning for a 3 1/2 hour journey.  This path has you launch from the Big Island Slough Activity Center launch area.  This path is a man made channel that ends up connecting to the end of the spring gully path and flows into the Armand Bayou Area.  Its a nice path that is relatively straight in the beginning and wider than the spring gully path.  It broadens out after passing Bay Area Park and into the Armand Bayou Nature Center area, and then widens even further as you make your way through Mud Lake into Clear Lake.  When you pass the Clear Lake bridge just take a left and head towards Pinky’s Kayak Rentals.

Big Island Slough Trip

Big Island Slough Trip


Spring Gully.  7.5 miles or 12.1 kilometers

$50 for a single and $60 for a two person/tandem kayak.

This path is one of the longest.  Due to the location of this drop off location we can only accommodate 2 tandems or 4 single kayaks.  It gives you a variety of what the Armand Bayou Watershed system has to offer in our area.  It is approximately 7.5 miles or 12.1 kilometers in length and you can prepare to paddle for around 5-6 hours.  You will start off at our launch from Red Bluff RD and head towards Bay Area Park down this narrow serpentine path.  It is one of the most scenic areas on our trips.  It gives you the impression you are out in the middle of no where.  You will pass by Bay Area Park on your way to the Armand Bayou Center area, then cross into Mud Lake and then into Clear Lake.  After crossing into Clear Lake you will take a left and keep paddling to Pinky’s Kayak Rentals.

Spring Gully to Pinky's Kayak Rentals

Spring Gully to Pinky’s Kayak Rentals


Horsepen Bayou. 4.5 miles or 7 kilometers

This launch is currently closed for maintenance.

$40 for a single and $50 for a two person/tandem kayak.

This next map is our Horsepen Bayou trip.  It starts you off at our drop off location at Horsepen Bayou and you will then paddle back down to Pinky’s Kayak Rentals.  This path is around 4.5 miles or around 7 kilometers.  We recommend preparing for around a 2 1/2 hour trip.  This is a nice path that starts out kind of narrow and serpentine, then continues to spread out into a more open bayou and into mud lake.  You then will cross under the clear lake bridge and take a left heading to Pinky’s Kayak Rentals.

Horsepen Bayou Trip

Horsepen Bayou Trip


RESERVATIONS:  Make sure to check out our policies before reserving.

Self Guided Tours

Reservations are NOT required at Pinky’s Kayak Rentals as we generally operate on a first come first serve basis.  But if you would like to reserve a kayak or kayaks for a specific date and time please feel free to make a reservation through our reservations page.

You will be given a waterproof trip map, and we will give you detailed instructions on how to get back to our docks at Pinky’s Kayak Rentals.  Our phone number is also printed on the map.  We suggest that you bring a phone with you and a ziplock bag or something to keep it dry.  You can always call us if you get lost or need assistance.  While you are in the bayou there are no motor boats allowed until you reach the middle section of mud lake.  Boats will also be on Clear Lake.  The rest of the bayou will have no motor boat traffic.
Self Guided Tours

$12 Pick Up Fee!
If you have to be picked up on a path that is meant to end at Pinky’s Kayak Rentals docks, you will be charged an extra $12 fee per kayak.

Please make sure to read our restrictions page before renting.

You may encounter Alligators along your path.  Please take a look at our Alligator safety page.