Rates & Prices

At Pinky’s Kayak Rental you can do a variety of activities.  Kayak rentals, SUP rentals, Self Guided Kayak Tours, Paddleboard Yoga and more.  Take a look at some of our pricing options and learn more about each category.

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Payment Methods
We accept all major credit cards, and cash. Sometimes food!

Kayak Type1st Hr / Additional Hrs
Tandem Kayak $30 / $15
Single Kayak$25 / $10


Do you plan on renting more than 6 kayaks for more than an hour?  Try our group rates for Taylor Lake.  Rent for 2 hours and get an hour free.

Single Kayak 3hrs
Taylor Lake
Tandem Kayak 3hrs
Taylor Lake

If you choose to rent by the hour, you may paddle in Taylor Lake only.  Our kayaks can be configured for a single person or a two person kayak with weight capacities of 300-380 pounds combined weight.

Hourly Rentals
Hourly rentals only go from our dock into Taylor Lake. We do not allow people to pick up kayaks and take them.

Launch from our floating dock for rentals by the hour into Taylor Lake!

Launch from our floating dock for rentals by the hour into Taylor Lake!


Check the pricing table for trip route availability!

Pricing Includes
*All pricing includes water, PFD, paddle and “one way” shuttle in one of our a/c vehicles to the drop off point.

Trip Name / TimeSingle / Tandem (2 person)
Nature Lovers Tour 3 hrs$52 / $62 Open
Bay Area Park 3 hrs$40 / $50 Open
Big Island Slough 3.5 hrs$45 / $55 Open
Horsepen Bayou 2.5 hrs$40 / $50 Closed
Horsepen Bayou UHCL 3 hrs$45 / $55 Closed
Spring Gulley 5/6 hrs$50 / $60 Closed

Pick Up Fee
*Pick up* Shuttle Service $12 per boat if you cannot make it back to the office.

Our self guided kayak tours use our Ocean Kayak Frenzy, Ocean Kayak Malibu Twos and XLs.  They can be configured to be a single or a tandem kayak.  They have a weight capacity of 300-380 pounds combined weight.  We do offer a free shuttle service to all of our Armand Bayou Kayak trips! That means we will drop you off for no additional charge at one of our kayaking locations.

Take a self guided kayak tour of the bayou with friends and family!

Take a self guided kayak tour of the bayou with friends and family!

Armand Bayou Trip Map

Armand Bayou Trip Map

For more detailed information, or to make a reservation, please go to the Self Guided Tour page.

Self Guided Tours

Guided Kayak Tour Rates:
Take a guided tour and learn a little about the bayou from an experienced guide.

Take a guided tour and learn a little about the bayou from an experienced guide.

Single KayakTandem Kayak

We also offer Guided Tours.  Our Guided Tours offer a tour of the bayou with an experienced guide.  Along the way you will see a variety of wildlife.  The Armand Bayou area is right in the path of a large migratory bird path.  There are many water birds, local birds, and seasonal birds passing through.  Alligators can be seen on occasion as well as other reptiles, fish, insects, and plants that make this estuary so vitally important to our area.  The type of tour and times change once in a while, so please check out the Guided Tour page for more specific information.

Guided Tours

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Rates:

Our Stand Up Paddleboards have a weight capacity of 225 pounds, and you should be capable of swimming.  There is a chance/likelihood that you will fall in the water.  Our SUP rentals are available for use on Taylor Lake only.

*Paddleboards are only allowed on Taylor Lake. We do not allow Paddleboards on the self guided tours in the bayou.

Paddleboard with friends, hourly rentals, SUP Yoga, and special events.

Paddleboard with friends, hourly rentals, SUP Yoga, and special events.

SUP Hourly Rental Rates:

1st HrEach Additional Hour

SUP Group Rental Rates:

Group Paddleboard rentals are for 3 hours and are discounted.

# of PaddleboardsGroup Price (3hr)


Tuesday SUP & Sip$25
Thursday SUP & Sip$25

$25 per person.  Our Sup and Sip events are in the evening on Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 6:30pm until 7:30pm.  Tuesday is a 101 guided class followed by relaxing at Chelsea Wine Bar.  Thursday is a self guided paddle followed by relaxing at Chelsea Wine Bar, or Boondoggles Pub.  The price is $25 per person and includes Stand Up Paddleboard rental, life jacket, paddle, a bottle of water and 101 instruction.  The price for anything after your hour of paddling is extra, and is not included in our price

SUP Yoga Rates:

SUP Yoga Classes at Pinky's Kayak Rental

SUP Yoga ClassRate Per Session
SUP Included$30

For more information, pleasecheck out the Paddleboards page.


Make a reservation for a self guided or guided tour.

Make a reservation for a self-guided or guided tour.

We generally operate on a first come first serve basis.  But, if you would like to secure a kayak for a particular time and date for the self-guided tours, you may do so on our reservations page.  Please read the requirements for reservations before contacting us.  If you want to book a guided tour please do so on the guided tours page.  We do not take reservations for the hourly kayak rentals, or paddle boarding rentals.

Make A Reservation


You will first meet us at our office at 4106 Nasa Parkway, EL Lago, TX. 77586.  Unless you are doing the guided tour or special event.  The next thing you will do is choose whether you want to rent a kayak or rent a paddle board.  After choosing which type of rental you would like to do, you will fill out your paper work.  When you’ve finished filling out the paper work and have paid, you will be fitted for life jackets.  If you are doing hourly rentals you will make your way down to the dock where you will be given an overview on how to properly paddle and a safety briefing.  Next you will be launched onto the water.  If you are doing the self guided trips, you will be loaded into one of our air conditioned vehicles and taken to your drop off location, or you will meet us there.  After you are done with your particular paddling rental you will meet us back at our office, or your predetermined pick up point.  Remember there is a $12 pick up fee per kayak if you choose to be picked up before making it back to our office.  Also keep in mind there is a limited number of places we can pick you up once you are in the bayou.  All of our trips but one are intended to have you paddle back to our office location.  We do not allow our customers to transport our kayaks, or take them to other locations.

Rules and regulations
Please pay attention to our rules, guidelines, and restrictions on our website. It is for your safety and the safety or our staff.

Weight limits on kayaks vary but are as follows. For single kayaks the weight limit is 350 lbs. For tandem kayaks the weight limit is 380 lbs for the combined weight of two people. This is due to the product specifications of our kayaks. All kayaks that are made have weight limitations.  The paddleboard limits are 225 lbs max weight. It is very important to be honest and not to exceed this weight limit. If you show up for your reservation and you are over the weight limitations, you will forfeit your reservation at your expense. So once again please make sure you do not exceed any of our limitations that are specified above or below. This is for your safety and for the longevity and structural integrity of our kayaks. Damage done to any kayaks due to the misuse or exceeding any limits explained will be at your expense.

Age limits for kayak use are 14 years old for single kayaks, and 10 years old for tandem kayaks and must be accompanied by an adult. Reservations and rentals will not be made for groups of minors who aren’t accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. Schools are the exception to this rule and other written permissions apply. So please do not make reservations for minors or groups of minors to take trips without their parents or guardians with them.

Customers will not transport our kayaks to other locations, and will paddle a route that has been agreed upon.  Any deviation in time, unless agreed upon, will result in additional charges.

Alcohol consumption is not allowed on our kayaks. Unfortunately a few bad apples have caused us to change our approach to this rule. Most importantly if you feel like your age, physical health, or mental condition may cause any harm to yourself or our staff please do not rent from us. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
We are a dog friendly company and you may bring your fur friends. Please make sure that their weight is taken into consideration. Large dogs may need to be considered 1 person, due to size limitations of kayaks, but we won’t charge for them. All dogs are free who are accompanied by a paying adult in a kayak.

For more information on our restrictions please read our restrictions page here.