Paddleboard Rentals

Are you ready to SUP? We have plenty of options for you to explore.  From group events to SUP Yoga, we have you covered.  You can learn some basic skills, paddle with friends, or just relax from the daily stressors of life.  Find your balance on a Paddleboard.

Age Limits:  13-18 years old must have an adult in the group! for more information please go to our restrictions page.

SUP Reservations
Our 3 types of boards cater to a variety of skill levels. Those who are new to the sport of stand up paddleboarding will be comfortable with a quick 101 instruction and our basic SUPs.  For those who are already experienced at paddleboarding, we have a couple of other varieties of the more traditional Stand Up Paddleboards.  With 3 different styles of SUPs to choose from you are bound to find one that fits your style and level of experience. If you are visiting the area, or if you’re a local, come on down and make yourself at home with us. Try out our different styles. Heck try them all out! That way if you decide to take the leap and invest in your own paddleboard, you already know which styles you like.

Keep In Mind!
This is a water sport and you have a chance of falling into the water. You should expect to get wet, and should have the ability to swim.

Check out our different rental options below.

All participants must be 18 years or older to use the Paddleboards. Kids 13 and over may go with an accompanying parent or guardian for each minor. Paddleboards are a single person craft. We do not allow children to ride with you on your SUP.  Weight capacity for the Paddleboards are 225 pounds. You may not transport the Paddleboards to another location.  This is a water sport, so expect to get wet.  You have the potential to fall in the water, so you should have the ability to swim.  Please read over all of our restrictions.
Once again… Our paddleboard rentals generally go into Taylor Lake only.  Please look over all our restrictions and cancellation policies on reservations before finalizing your payment.  You can review our restrictions here.

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