Paddleboard Rentals

Are you ready for your moment of Zen? Stand Up Paddleboarding has become a popular sport in the last few years. We offer you SUP rentals, so you can work on your skills, and relax from the daily stressors of life.  Find your center on a Paddleboard.


November-January are our slower months. Please make reservations from our website if you would like to rent from us. Reservations are available for self-guided tours and hourly reservations. To make hourly reservations use the “Group Kayak Individual Payment” or “Group SUP Individual Payment” options. Reservations must be at least 24 hours in advance and must be canceled at least 48 hours in advance to receive a refund. If we have no reservations we will be closed. We hope everyone has a wonderful Winter and we look forward to putting you on the water.

Make SUP Reservations
Our 3 types of boards cater to a variety of skill levels. Those who are new to the sport of stand up paddleboarding will be comfortable with a quick 101 instruction and our basic SUPs.  For those who are already experienced at paddleboarding, we have a couple of other varieties of the more traditional Stand Up Paddleboards.  With 3 different styles of SUPs to choose from you are bound to find one that fits your style and level of experience. If you are visiting the area, or if you’re a local, come on down and make yourself at home with us. Try out our different styles. Heck try them all out! That way if you decide to take the leap and invest in your own paddleboard, you already know which styles you like.

Keep In Mind!
This is a water sport and you have a chance of falling into the water. You should expect to get wet, and should have the ability to swim.

Check out our different rental options below.

Our SUP n SIP events, and our SUP Yoga Classes are over for the season.  They will be available again in the early Spring.

For Hourly SUP Rentals:

1st HrEach Additional Hour

Our stand up paddleboard rentals are quick and easy. Your rental includes a paddleboard, a life jacket, a paddle, a bottle of water, a brief 101 tutorial and a safety brief. We do not take reservations for our hourly paddleboard rentals. The SUPs are on a first come first serve basis unless rented as a group.  Cut off times for hourly SUP rentals are 4:00pm.  You should make enough time to be back before we close at 6:00 pm.

Our Paddleboard rentals start from our location at 4106 Nasa Parkway off the docks, and go into Taylor Lake only.

taylor bayou map

Sup and Sip Events:

Our SUP n Sip events are over for the season.  They will be available again in the early Spring.

Tuesday SUP & Sip$25
Thursday SUP & Sip$25

$25 per person.  Our Sup and Sip events are in the evening on Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 6:30pm until 7:30pm.  Tuesday is a 101 guided class followed by relaxing at Chelsea Wine Bar.  Thursday is a self guided paddle followed by relaxing at Chelsea Wine Bar, or Boondoggles Pub.  The price is $25 per person and includes Stand Up Paddleboard rental, life jacket, paddle, a bottle of water and 101 instruction.  The price for anything after your hour of paddling is extra, and is not included in our price.

Go Paddleboarding in the evening as the sun starts to set, then go to Chelsea Wine Bar to enjoy drink specials on their deck.

Go Paddleboarding in the evening as the sun starts to set, then go to Chelsea Wine Bar to enjoy drink specials on their deck.

Tuesday Evening Sup and Sip:

Our SUP n Sip events are over for the season.  They will be available again in the early Spring.

Join us every Tuesday for SUP and Sip 101 on Taylor Lake from 6:30pm-7:30pm!  The 60 minute class is designed to learn stand up paddle board technique, some tips and tricks. We start with a dock orientation that includes a SUP warm-up, proper water safety, then we get on the water and learn proper standing technique, paddling technique, turning the board, maneuvering over and through small waves.  The benefits of this class include; a full-body workout, relaxation, joy of being on the water, and will help build your confidence while on a Stand Up Paddleboard.  After class join us for a “sip” of your favorite beverage at Chelsea’s Wine bar located next door.  Tuesday nights are 1/2 price bottle of wine.  Cost of class includes board rental, paddle, life jacket, and a bottle of water.  This is a great way to relax and reflect on your day, or spend some quality time with friends and loved ones while overlooking the water from the patio.  Once again this is an adult event.  You can make a reservation below.

Thursday Evening Sup and Sip:

Our SUP n Sip events are over for the season.  They will be available again in the early Spring.

This paddle event is for those adults interested in winding down after work, or taking that special someone on an outing that is unique and relaxing at dusk. You will start out at our office location at 4106 Nasa Parkway in El Lago TX. at 6:30pm. Please be 15 minutes early in order to complete any required paperwork. You will take a pleasant tour of Taylor Lake which is lined with beautiful architecture, and stunning colors from the setting sun. You will make your way back to our docks at around 7:30pm, where your paddling will end and you can relax at Chelsea Wine Bar for ladies night specials. Chelsea Wine Bar Ladies Night offers 1/2 off regular priced glasses of Sangria, Sangria Pitchers, or glasses of Champagne from 6-9pm. Or head to Boondoggles for the Shrimp or Snowcrab special. Once again this event is for adults. You can make a reservation for this event.

Group Event Reservations:
Group Rentals!
Group Paddleboard events require a minimum of 6 rentals and a maximum of 12!

# of PaddleboardsGroup Price (3hr)

Group Paddleboard rentals will be on Taylor Lake, in El Lago Tx.  Your group will get 3 hours of paddling for the price of 2 hours.  Your rentals include the paddleboards, paddles, life jacket, a bottled water and a brief 101 paddling tutorial and safety briefing.  Reservations for groups need to be made at least 2 days in advance.  If you choose to cancel your event you need to do so at least 7 days before your scheduled date.  We need to allow other people the opportunity to rent if you are unable to keep your appointment, so make sure you are ready to make your reservation.  Please check out our price list below, and check our restrictions before deciding to make your reservations.  We hope you enjoy your group Paddleboarding experience.

Some past group event examples:

    • Birthdays
    • Fitness
    • Cross Fit
    • Yoga
    • Team Building
    • Team Meeting
    • Military
    • Family Gatherings
    • Support Group
    • Community Events
    • Meet Ups
    • Class Reunion/Old Friends
    • Etc

Group SUP Reservations

If you want to make reservations make sure that you reserve in advance.  You must give at least 7 days notice for Cancellations to receive a full refund, minus tax and transaction expenses.

All of our paddleboard rentals are to be used on Taylor Lake.  You may not transport or take the paddleboards to other locations.

taylor bayou map

SUP Yoga is HERE!

Our SUP Yoga Classes are over for the season.  They will be available again in the early Spring.

SUP Yoga ClassRate Per Session
SUP Included$30

SUP Yoga ClassesYou have probably heard about Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboarding.  But have you heard about Paddleboard Yoga?

At Pinky’s Kayak Rental, we believe that getting in touch with nature and yourself, is the key to a more happy and a fulfilling life.  We combine the elements of a passion for yoga and a love of stand up paddleboarding to bring you Get On Board Yoga.  Our SUP Yoga classes are designed to bring these two activities together.  You will move with the rhythm of the water, and find alignment and balance that is connected to the outdoors.  During our classes you will strengthen your paddleboarding skills, learn how to stand up with confidence on the paddleboards, and how to utilize the board for practicing Yoga.  The class begins at our dock with an orientation, then a warm up paddle into the beautiful Taylor Lake.  This will lead into some instruction on body position and working on strengthening and lengthening your poses, balancing postures, breathing techniques and relaxation.

SUP Yoga Class Rates and Prices:

Classes are $30 and are about an hour and thirty minutes in length.  No paddleboarding experience is necessary and the classes are open to all levels.  The cost of the class includes, instruction from a certified Yoga Paddleboard instructor, SUP rental, paddle, pfd (personal flotation device), and a complimentary water.  The weight limit on the paddleboards are 225 lbs.  Please see our other restrictions and guide lines here.

Reservations are required, and available spots will fill up quickly.

All participants must be 18 years or older to use the Paddleboards. Kids 13 and over may go with an accompanying parent or guardian for each minor. Paddleboards are a single person craft. We do not allow children to ride with you on your SUP.  Weight capacity for the Paddleboards are 225 pounds. You may not transport the Paddleboards to another location.  This is a water sport, so expect to get wet.  You have the potential to fall in the water, so you should have the ability to swim.  Please read over all of our restrictions.
Once again… Our paddleboard rentals generally go into Taylor Lake only.  Please look over all our restrictions and cancellation policies on reservations before finalizing your payment.  You can review our restrictions here.

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