How it works

This is the nuts and bolts on how it works.  Many people call and ask what they need to do to rent a kayak, can they make a reservation, how much the rentals are etc.

We love to help our customers out but we don’t always have time to answer all the Kayak Rental questions that come to us over the phone.  That’s why we have designed this fancy schmancy website to help you out 🙂

In addition to our website, we have several social media outlets.  You can keep up to date on current events, or on closures by going to our Twitter or Facebook feeds.  We also have our updates for closures, or daily events at the bottom of the home page of our website.

  How to rent a kayak from Pinky’s Kayak Rentals:

Please Note:
We do not allow customers to rent and carry away our kayaks and transport them to other locations. We have our own locations that we can drop off our kayaks for you. Our kayaks are strictly for touring the bayous or lake and are not to be used for fishing.  All minors need to be accompanied by their parent or legal guardians.  We do not allow minors to rent equipment and go out on their own or with their friends.

First thing you should do when renting a kayak is decide how long of a trip you would like to take.  You can choose to rent by the hour, take a longer self guided tour, or sign up to go on a guided tour.

We have a variety of self guided tours that range anywhere from 2.5 hours up to 6 hours or 3 miles up to 8 miles.  Or you can also choose to rent a kayak by the hour and take a paddle around Taylor Lake.

Our self guided tours are probably the most popular.  So you would want to choose which self guided kayak trip you would want to take.  Check out our self guided tour section to learn more about our self guided kayak rental trips.

Self Guided Tours


We do not require a reservation in order to rent a kayak from us at Pinky’s Kayak Rentals, but it can help you make sure you get a kayak.  We generally operate on a first come first serve basis.  We do not take Reservations for hourly rentals, and if you want to book a guided tour you can do that from our Guided Tours page.  Self guided tours can be reserved but do not have to be.  If you want to make sure that you can get some kayaks to rent for a self guided tour on a specific day and time then you may want to make a paid reservation.  For information regarding kayak rental reservations, please check out our reservations page.


Self guided kayak rental trips and prices:

Trip Name / TimeSingle / Tandem (2 person)
Nature Lovers Tour 3 hrs$52 / $62 Open
Bay Area Park 3 hrs$40 / $50 Open
Big Island Slough 3.5 hrs$45 / $55 Open
Horsepen Bayou 2.5 hrs$40 / $50 Closed
Horsepen Bayou UHCL 3 hrs$45 / $55 Closed
Spring Gulley 5/6 hrs$50 / $60 Closed

If you don’t have that much time or you have other things to do throughout the day, you may want to choose to rent a kayak or a paddle board by the hour.  This can be a great way to get some exercise or to just relax during the day if you have some spare time.

Kayak rentals by the hour:

Kayak Type1st Hr / Additional Hrs
Tandem Kayak $30 / $15
Single Kayak$25 / $10

Paddle board rentals by the hour:

1st HrEach Additional Hour

All hourly rentals are from our dock and go into Taylor Lake only.

Guided Tours:

Single KayakTandem Kayak

Our guided tours are $80 for a two person kayak and $75 for a single kayak.  The guided tours are on Saturdays from around 4pm until around 7pm.  Please make sure to show up 15 minutes prior to launch so we can go over basic paddling skills and a brief overview of safety while on the water.  We meet at bay area park where we will confirm your booking order and after our briefing will launch around 4 pm. We will paddle along our route and will return to Bay Area Park around 7pm.

If you would like to know more about our guided tours and book a trip, please visit our guided tours page.

Guided Tours

After you choose a type of rental:

If you decide you want to do a guided tour you will follow the instructions you receive on the booking page.

If you decide to rent by the hour you can come by our dock at 4106 Nasa Parkway, El Lago Texas. 77586.  You will be given some paperwork to fill out and then you will make your payment.    After you are all done with your paperwork, you will be fitted for a life jacket and you will be given a brief safety tutorial on our dock.  You will launch from our docks and will return at your scheduled time.

If you have chosen one of our self guided trips you will go through a similar process.  You will fill out your paperwork, make payment, and get fitted for life jackets.  Then your rental kayaks will be packed into the truck or on the trailer and you will be delivered to your drop off location.  You will be given a brief safety tutorial and you will then launch from your drop off area.  You will then enjoy your paddling trip down the bayou and make your way back to our office where your journey will end.

Reservations are only accepted for self guided tours.  All other rentals are a first come first serve basis except for the guided tours.  Guided tours you will book through our booking site from the guided tours page.

You do not need a reservation for the self guided tours but you can make one if you would like to.  A reservation secures your kayak for a specific time frame on a specific date so you can ensure availability for you and your group.  Please check out our reservations page if you would like to make a reservation for a self guided tour.

What to bring:

Please note:
Keep in mind that your kayak trip can feel longer than what it is if you are miserable. Please make sure to bring along the items on the list that you think you will need for your own personal comfort. We do offer a free bottle of water to each customer.

Here is a basic list of suggestions for you to bring.  Not only will your trip be more comfortable, but sometimes safer.  We ask that you use common sense when deciding what to bring.  Please leave the alcohol at home.



-Hat or Visor


-Snacks (energy bar, granola, fruit, nuts, etc.)

-Appropriate clothing that can get wet

-Sandles, water shoes, or shoes that can get wet

-Waterproof cases, ziplock bags, dry bags, or dry boxes etc.

-Cell Phone

-Waterproof Camera, or a protected camera (optional)

-Dog (optional)

-Insect Repellant (optional)

-Towel for your car seat when you return.

-A watch or cell phone with a clock.

Check the local Weather:

Your safety is one of the most important parts of our business. Making sure that you follow any weather warnings is very important. We do not put people on the water when there is excessive winds, lightning, flooding, torrential rain, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, fish die offs, etc etc etc.

One very important thing for you to do is check the local weather.  We do not put paddle boards out on the water with 12 mph winds or more.  We do not allow kayaks to be rented with 15 mph winds or more.  This is due to your safety and ability to be able to make it back to your final destination.  Please check the weather before heading out for any outdoor activity.

Local Weather

Our Location:

If you have any other questions regarding rentals that we haven’t mentioned on the website, feel free to contact us at 713-510-7968