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*Our Guided Kayak Tours are over for the 2018 season.  They will return once again in the Spring!*
Guided Kayak Tour

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Our Guided Tours are for those who are already familiar with paddling and are fine with paddling for 3 hours through our Bayou.  We need a minimum of 5 kayaks per tour.  If we do not reach our minimum you can easily reschedule, or receive a full refund.  Please read the information below before reserving.

One of my first guided kayak tours was for the Bay Area Visitors Bureau with a group of UK tourist operators. –Tyson

Our guided tours are on Sunday mornings.  The 3 hour morning guided tour launches at 9 am.  You will meet us at Bay Area Park at 8:30 am to get your paperwork and orientation done so we can launch by 9 am. Bay Area Park is located at 7500 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston TX 77058.

One of the great ways to view the surrounding ecosystem is with a morning guided kayak tour.  The early bird gets the worm, and morning brings out a variety of wildlife.  Our tour operators will guide you along a path you have selected and point out some of the key interests along the way.  You may find a variety of wildlife, from birds, reptiles, insects, flora and fauna.  If you are ready to book your tour, do it now while we still have availability.

The price for a morning guided kayaking tour is $80 for a tandem kayak rental and $70 for a single kayak rental.  Price includes the kayaks, paddles, life jackets, orientation/tutorial, safety briefing, and an experienced guide.  Nature is provided for free and sponsored by Mother Earth.

Tandem kayaks have a weight limit of 380 pounds which includes the combined weight of both occupants, and any supplies or items they take with them.  A single kayak can hold up to 375 pounds including any supplies that are brought for your journey.

Please read the terms and conditions on the booking page as well as our restrictions page regarding our rentals before you place an order.  If you have any questions or concerns please call us at 713-510-7968

The kayaking paths of Pinky’s Kayak Rental are on a large migratory bird path. You can see birds like the little blue heron, red-bellied woodpecker, great white egret, osprey, and great blue heron.

The bayou rests in a large migratory bird path.  Many birds fly through this area throughout the year on their flight to other parts of the world.  There are over 220 variety of birds that make their way in and out of the bayou and call it home.  Some of the birds you might come across include, Pelicans, Great Blue Herons, Great White Egrets, Roseate Spoonbills, a variety of gulls, Bitterns, Green Herons, Little Blue Herons, Cormorants, Anhingas, various Hawks, Osprey, an occasional Bald Eagle, and the list goes on and on.

A lot of animals use Pinky’s Kayak Rentals paths as a sanctuary. Animals like the marsh rabbit, armadillo, skunk, deer, and squirrels are some that you might see.

Some of the other wildlife you might see are our mammals who use this diverse ecosystem as their home and refuge.  It may vary from day to day but you can see them along the banks drinking, feeding, or making their way across the bayou.  Some of the mammals you might see along the shoreline would be Deer, Marsh Rabbits, Raccoon, Opossum, Otters, Bobcats, Skunk, Ferrel Hog, and many others.

Some of the reptiles along Armand Bayou that you may see on your Kayak Trip with Pinky’s Kayak Rental might be alligators, red eared slider turtles, box turtles on land, bull frogs, etc.

As far as reptiles go you might get a glimpse of some exciting residents along your path.  There are plenty of turtles who inhabit the area and your guide will point them out when they see them.  The most exciting reptile that people see are our American Alligators.  Now not to worry, you guides are well versed on alligator behavior and will point them out and go over proper behavior and etiquette you should have around alligators when you encounter them.  Their sizes range from babies all the way up to 10 to 12 feet in length.  Some may say you will always see these on their tours but it isn’t a guarantee.  Alligators sun themselves during nice days to increase their temperature because they are a cold blooded reptile that needs the sun to help regulate their body heat.  It can also depend on certain weather conditions, the time of year, and their mating period.

Our tours offer the ability to see the Armand Bayou area from a unique perspective.  You will see the bayou from an animals point of view on the surface of the water.  Paddling down your path you will take in the sites and sounds of the natural surroundings of this peaceful and serene natural wonder without the noise of boats, and other distractions.  Make your reservation for a guided tour today!

Please make sure to read our restrictions page so you are familiar with our rules and guidelines!

 If your looking for our self guided Armand Bayou Tours check out our Self Guided Tours Page.

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